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Poll-Land version 1.1
Created by Crashthatch.
next gen consoles
Poll-Land >> Entertainment & TV >> next gen consoles

Which of the upcoming consoles will you get?

This poll was created by cybermonkey .
Vote Option Percentage Bar No. Votes % votes
Vote! Playstation 3 228 30%
Vote! Xbox360 105 14%
Vote! Nintendo Revolution 125 16%
Vote! I'm getting a PC 101 13%
Vote! undecided 93 12%
Vote! none 113 15%
Total: 766 100%

User: cybermonkey   Date: 7 June 2005.
ps3 for me :D

User: cybermonkey   Date: 12 June 2005.
wow, ps3 is doing well.

User: Crashthatch   Date: 15 June 2005.
Xbox possibly, although I'm not really sure any of them have great games... A higher spec PC might be better, but it's more expensive...

User: cybermonkey   Date: 16 June 2005.
xbox360 will have oblivion.

User: tonylowis   Date: 17 June 2005.
Xbox 360 actually has some launch titles...

User: cybermonkey   Date: 17 June 2005.
ps3 has like 20 launch titles, about 17 are shooters.

User: cybermonkey   Date: 26 June 2005.
hmm, i may just get a laptop.

User: cybermonkey   Date: 14 June 2006.
hahaha, funny funny stuff. $600... wii!

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