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  Anime and Manga
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  How long have you been reading Stickman Arcade?

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Poll-Land version 1.1
Created by Crashthatch.
Anime and Manga
Poll-Land >> Arts & Humanities >> Anime and Manga

Anime and Manga are art forms of Japan and they tend to be hated by most in the U.S. But here we find the true beliefs of everyone.

This poll was created by Totallyblank .
Vote Option Percentage Bar No. Votes % votes
Vote! I love both! 209 25%
Vote! I like Anime. 89 10%
Vote! I like Manga. 100 12%
Vote! I hate both! 97 11%
Vote! I like a few movies/comics/shows. 99 12%
Vote! Is there a difference between the two? 89 10%
Vote! Who cares. 73 9%
Vote! I've never even heard of them. 93 11%
Total: 849 100%

User: Totallyblank   Date: 22 June 2005.
This topic sprung into my head after I posted a movie review in new movies.

User: cybermonkey   Date: 22 June 2005.
so i see blank's account on the forums is up. good fo yous!!

User: cybermonkey   Date: 22 June 2005.
manga's hard to read...

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