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Poll-Land version 1.1
Created by Crashthatch.
part the third
Poll-Land >> Entertainment & TV >> part the third

well, this is (hopfully) the last fav. system poll. this is more well-known ones. i also included future systems to make this poll more timeless.

This poll was created by cybermonkey .
Vote Option Percentage Bar No. Votes % votes
Vote! SNES 227 26%
Vote! PS1 97 11%
Vote! Sega Saturn 81 9%
Vote! PS3 93 11%
Vote! Xbox360 83 9%
Vote! Revolution 76 9%
Vote! Gameboy Advance 95 11%
Vote! Other 125 14%
Total: 877 100%

User: cybermonkey   Date: 20 June 2005.
snes has IOT and such

User: tonylowis   Date: 24 June 2005.
Wheres the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis, i'm not impressed.

User: cybermonkey   Date: 24 June 2005.
genesis is in the first part

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