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  How long have you been reading Stickman Arcade?
  How long have you been reading Stickman Arcade?
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Poll-Land version 1.1
Created by Crashthatch.
the little guys
Poll-Land >> Entertainment & TV >> the little guys

Totallyblank made a poll called Favorite System. this is a followup of sorts, with some lesser-known, lesser-liked systems.

This poll was created by cybermonkey .
Vote Option Percentage Bar No. Votes % votes
Vote! Gizmondo 207 26%
Vote! N-Gage 100 12%
Vote! Panasonic 3DO 106 13%
Vote! CDI 103 13%
Vote! Virtual Boy 105 13%
Vote! Zodiac 89 11%
Vote! Gizmondo? You're making that one up!! 97 12%
Total: 807 100%

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