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Poll-Land version 1.1
Created by Crashthatch.
Futurama Favorite
Poll-Land >> Entertainment & TV >> Futurama Favorite

Futurama has been canceled, yet anyone who remembers it may like this poll. Whichever character you like best, just vote for it!

This poll was created by Totallyblank .
Vote Option Percentage Bar No. Votes % votes
Vote! Fry 172 17%
Vote! Bender 73 7%
Vote! Leela 90 9%
Vote! Amy 90 9%
Vote! Zoidburg 90 9%
Vote! Hermes 66 7%
Vote! Prof. Farnsworth 65 6%
Vote! Nibbler 78 8%
Vote! Scruffy 72 7%
Vote! Whalers on the Moon 73 7%
Vote! I've never heard of futurama! 66 7%
Vote! I hate Futurama! 70 7%
Total: 1005 100%

User: Totallyblank   Date: 20 June 2005.
Just to let everyone know, I'm the friend of cybermonkey.

User: cybermonkey   Date: 20 June 2005.
this show is the most exellentest

User: Totallyblank   Date: 21 June 2005.
The Whalers on the Moon thing is just a joke (but they do appear in the second episode numerous times).

User: cybermonkey   Date: 22 June 2005.
i know its a joke buy i still love those whalers on the moon that carry a harpoon but there ain't no whales so they tell tall tales and sing their whaling tune. sorry, i'll stop now...

User: cybermonkey   Date: 25 June 2005.
numerous? more like thrice.

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