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Poll-Land version 1.1
Created by Crashthatch.
Welcome to Poll-land

Ever had an argument you couldnt settle with a friend? Ever disagreed over who's the best actor, or who should win Big Brother? Think you're more popular than your neighbour? Poll-land could settle these disputes. Read on...

Poll-land provides a way for you to create an online poll for people to view and vote on. From 'Whats the best film ever?' to 'Should we go to war?', any poll is welcomed and anyone in the world can log onto your poll and vote. So, why not browse around and look at some existing polls by using the links on the left- you can vote without registering- then, if you have a question to ask the world, register and create a poll. It's that easy!

We're Back! - 29/05/05
I've finally gotton round to putting Poll-land back online! It's actually quite good for something I did almost 2 years ago, right after I learned PHP.
I've added some anti-spam measures, so hopefully the problems that occured last time won't be able to happen again. I've restored Poll-Land and added these limits at 2AM though, so if there's any problems, let me know at stickman AT

Banner Ad picture needed - 25/07/03
Anyone with any computer art skills, please contact me at I need a banner-ad designing to be shown on other websites. It must be in .jpeg or .gif format and be 468x60 pixels. Any help appriciated, thanks.

Rule Re-enforcement - 05/08/03
There is to be NO swearing on this site. No sick descriptions. Nothing that is unsuitable for a young audience. No 'Hate' polls or insults- a hate poll is any poll that describes doing somthing to a person that they would not like. People that ignore the rules may be banned. Offending polls may be altered/deleted.

Poll-Land Updated - 05/08/03
Poll-land is now version 1.1.
New features/updates:
  • Registered time bug removed- the time that a user registered now does not default to "Wednesday, 8th April 1970 at 3:10:07"
  • Apostrophes ('s) can now be used in poll names, backgrounds options, comments, usernames and profiles.
  • The Randomness links in the bottom left, now point to the correct polls, instead of the top poll listed.
  • Proper Admin Control Panel created for ease of editing/removing polls and users.
  • Version number and notice found at the bottom of most pages.
  • Randomness links now do not display a blank space if the poll has been deleted.
  • The Poll-land link at the top of all the poll pages, now points to the "All categories" page.
Got a suggestion for the next version of Poll-land? Either post a poll about it in the Poll-Land category, or email a monkey at