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  Media, a bad influence on children?
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Poll-Land version 1.1
Created by Crashthatch.
Poll-Land FAQ

What is this place?
Poll-Land is a website made of polls. You can come here, vote on polls, create your own, and just generally have fun.
Whats a Poll?
A poll is basically a vote. Anyone in the world can come here and vote on any poll on any subject.
What sort of polls are allowed?
Almost any poll is allowed on any subject- from "What's your favorite food?" to "Who's the best celebrity" to "Star Wars vs Star Trek". The only disallowed polls are racist, discriminatory or polls that are not fit for a young audience (eg swearing).
For a full list of the rules, click here
Sounds great... what's it cost me?
Nothing. Its absolutely free.
Really? No catches?
Nope. No catches at all.
So how do you afford to run the site?
We have a huge library with hundereds of trained monkeys in. They process every page and poll. This way we can afford to run the site at such a small cost.
Sounds Great! Where do I sign up?
Click on the link that says "Register" in the top right, then follow the monkeys instructions.

Got a further question?
E-Mail a monkey at